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Mobility programme for trainees

This project enables the trainees to gain work experience in an intercultural context during their VET-training. They get the opportunity to improve their communication and foreign language skills. This look outside the box allows the acquisition of additional skills and competencies. During an internship, which has to last at least three weeks, the trainees receive a chance to combine the technical content of their training with additional knowledge in the linguistic and intercultural area.

Project objectives

  • Extension and consolidation of the dual training
  • Preparation for international activities and tasks in the workplace
  • Support of international basic skills
  • Acquisition of international key qualifications
  • Deepening of vocational skills in a new working environment


Interdisciplinary partnership project

e-FFECT is a Leonardo da Vinci partnership project between seven European organisations in VET. The project focuses around the different national practices of using ICT based technology (e-learning and e-teaching) for special purposes in VET.

The project’s priorities are to build bridges between those partners, to share knowledge, experiences and practices in VET, to encourage using and implementing forms of ICT in teaching and learning processes of VET. Active communication routines within different themes of e-learning and e-teaching shall be established.

Items of the project,

- subdivided into following four subject areas -
  • Implementation of new and motivating teaching methodes in vocational education
  • Augmentation of knowledge and skills in the "e" area (electronic literacy)
  • Intercultural communication and cooperation
  • real working environment in the vocational education
The project lifetime is from Sep 2011 to May 2013.