Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz, Sachsen
BWC Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz gGmbH
BWC Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz gGmbH, Annaberger Straße 73, 09111 Chemnitz
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Our network

Some of our european partners and activities

Since 2001 the Bildungs-Werkstatt has taken part in several transnational projects and has also realised own projects. The Bildungs-Werkstatt is member of e.g. the worldwide practice firms network (Europen/Peninternational) and has therefore also international experiences in the commercial area.

Projects and activities are supported by the national agency (Nationale Agentur beim Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and financial means by the European Social Fund.

Characteristics of and chances within the network:

  • realise exchange programs for trainers and trainees
  • topic oriented collaboration in the field of vocational education
  • application and implementation of common projects
  • bidirectional exchange relationships with Finland and Czech Republic