Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz, Sachsen
BWC Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz gGmbH
BWC Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz gGmbH, Annaberger Straße 73, 09111 Chemnitz
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About Us

Types of organisations we are interested in linking with:

We are interested in linking and networking with other European vocational training centers, training companies, vocational schools and other institutions providing vocational education and training to share knowledge and to raise and discuss common challenges in initial as well as in ongoing/ further/ adult vocational education.

We are steadily looking to expand our European network of partners to realise exchanges/ mobilities within the lifelong learning programme.

Since we are especially focused on working in the fields of vocational orientation as well as initial and further vocational education (career guidance/ career orientation), we would like to link with organisations and institutions working on these fields.

Therefore it is an objective to find institutions with a similar training profile for a common broadening of the extent of European mobility regarding vocational trainers and participants of further education, for example.
The Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz gGmbH wants to continue the development in an international direction and to expand their network of partner organisations. The quality of training in initial and continuing vocational education could be improved by means of motivating trainers and participants benefitting from future LLP projects.
Moreover, the cooperation between institutions and organisations from the field of IVT and continuing vocational training is likely to improve as well.

We would be happy if you are interested in collaborating with us. If you are interested or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz gGmbH
Annaberger Straße 73
09111 Chemnitz

Tina Bretschneider
Coordinator International Projects