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European links


Our previous European activities have been centering around the Lifelong learning programme, funded by Leonardo da Vinci means. Since 2005 and ongoing, we have been realizing the transnational mobility-project Pro Competence, which involves developing, offering, preparing, organizing and realizing as well as evaluating both tailored and group- learning placements in Europe of our trainees and trainees of our partner companies.
Our latest project is the LdV learning partnership e-FFECT which deals with the current issue of technology and learning.

These projects aim at developing and improving language and intercultural competencies of our trainees and trainers. They also target to embed learning experiences abroad in the individual inter-company-training sequences of the trainees. It therefore aims at both deepening and broadening professional skills and competences of the participants.

During the last 6 years, our institution has been acting as a sending and as a receiving institution within programmes of lifelong learning. We are working with partners in the Czech Republic, in Finland, in Austria, in the Benelux states, in Spain, in Italy and in the UK, to name but a few. Exchange of information, staff and trainees with our Czech and Finnish partners has been developing in a bilateral direction since 2007/2008. With those countries we have therefore the strongest European links.

We are steadily looking to expand our network of partners and projects, please contact us if you have an idea for possible collaborations.


What needs do we have in a European perspective?


  • finding ways to enrich and enhance pathways of VET by implementing work placements and cultural experiences for both staff and students
  • making efficient use of new approaches to learning, qualifying trainers as learning companions/ tutors
  • focus on the intercultural competencies and competence in using mobility projects to support learning and motivation among the training staff
  • widen range of learning offers and therefore increase of attractiveness of VET
  • collecting new project experiences and finding new partners throughout Europe to foster the process of internationalisation of our learners, staff and our way of VET